How would they “feel”?

Blue Moon Shadow, beaded skull artwork

A while back when my Aunt Sandy Bergman saw some pictures of Blue Moon Shadow, she made a very nice comment then asked jestingly, “Wonder how he feels being decorated in jewels!” Being silly I replied, “He feels marvelous darling!”

However, I later thanked my Aunt for making me truly in my heart think about that question. How would these animals “feel” about being decorated in beads and jewels?

My Aunt Sandy Norris-Bergman
My dear Aunt Sandy Bergman

Honestly, I have no idea. What I do know is, since man’s beginning, he has tried to honor animals by using or displaying them, for food, shelter, clothing, spiritual items or jewelry. Even mounting them on their walls as skull mounts or with their hides intact or quite often today as full mounts. The same question can be asked about all of these things…” Wonder how he feels about…” any of them?

Blue Moon Shadow, Beaded Whitetail deer Skull Mount

In any and all of these cases no one can truly “know” how they would “feel” about it. But I believe we all hope that we give them the honor and respect they deserve, in life and death.

The deer I have for purchase were taken by nature, not man. I give 100% honor to “Her” in her choices but do these bucks not deserve as much admiration and respect for their lives as the ones taken by hunters? They have no hide to cover them and no one would mount them European style. What then? Should they just be left and forgotten? Or would they prefer to be remembered and honored…in some way…even if it’s decorated with beads?

So, how do they “feel” about what I do? I will never in this life know the answer but I can only hope with all my heart they would “feel” the respect I truly wish and try to give them.

I know we were just being silly, but thank you again Aunt Sandy. Thinking about that question has made me even more passionate about this art form.

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