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Find out more about Leesa and her beaded skull art process.

Her love of arts and crafts combined with her passion for wildlife and the outdoors drew her to this form of art. Leesa and her husband Robert are avid hunters, as well as several members of their large family. However, one does not need to be a hunter to appreciation the beauty, elegance and value of her artwork.

Leesa at work on one of her beaded skull art pieces

She has beaded skulls of species from Canadian Black Bear to African Steenbok however, living in Michigan her primary subjects have been Whitetail Deer. The Whitetail bucks she offers for sale were NOT hunted but rather were taken by nature on a private game reserve. Commissioned skull beading is available for hunters as an excellent alternative to traditional taxidermy.

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The Beaded Skull Art Process

How does Leesa take a rough skull and bring it new life? With her latest works Leesa has documented her beaded skull art process of their “revival” through pictures. She spends plenty of time “getting to know” the animals as she works with them. Although it’s a time-intensive process, the quality craftsmanship is a worthwhile result. Here’s how she does it:

Step 1 in Leesa's beaded skull art process - Cleaning

1. Clean

After a soak in an enzyme-based bleach solution Leesa starts with a good scrub. Then she uses tools on stubborn dirt/debris, especially for good “dental hygiene”.

Part 2 of the beaded skull art process - Restore

2. Restore

She glues (or remakes with clay) missing, damaged or separated areas. Next she fills in crevices in order to create a smoother surface for the beads.

Part 3 of the beaded skull art process - Paint

3. Paint

Leesa paints the entire skull inside and out, and even the antlers if they are discolored in any way.

Close up of Blue Moon Shadow

4. Bead

Beads are selected and laid out in a preliminary pattern. Then the intricate beading application begins. Each piece has a unique feel and personality about it, which direct her style choices.

Blue Moon Shadow, Beaded Whitetail deer Skull Mount

5. Seal

Leesa marks them with a fitting name on the underside before she seals the entire piece to keep it securely intact for years to come.

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In every piece Leesa strives to convey the honor and respect she has for these wondrous wild animals. In a way they live on, displaying their beauty and untamed nature.

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