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Art and hunting enthusiasts alike are captivated by Leesa’s beaded animal skull art as wildlife art, home décor and traditional taxidermy alternatives.

Ancient Warrior, beaded whitetail deer skull art by Leesa Clark.

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Beaded Skull Art: Tsar

Tsar is a very special commissioned memorial beaded skull art piece. He left his family and friends young and without warning. This type of commemorative artwork may not be for everyone. But once I heard his life’s story and learned about his sweet personality, I knew this was something I had to do. The sapphire at the center is a symbol of royalty and given his name that in itself seemed very appropriate. However this gem is also said to bring peace of mind and joy. Perhaps it will bring those things for his friend.

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Beaded Skull: Stormy Knight

Beaded skull: Stormy Knight is a large non-typical whitetail buck. He is the second in a trio of whitetail deer skulls I have been commissioned to revive with beaded skull art. I had been waiting for the right skull to do a spiral design on. The width of this whitetail’s skull suited this just right.

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Commissioned Beaded Skull Art

The Boss is a large non-typical whitetail buck. He is the first in a trio of whitetail deer I have been commissioned to revive with beaded skull art.
He is the largest of the three and by far the longest whitetail deer skull I have had the honor of working with. He also developed a large mass of bone between his antlers, which reminded me of a buffalo boss. For those two reasons he got his name as soon as he came to me.

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Thor is an outstanding non-typical whitetail deer beaded skull mount. At the center of this beaded skull art design are three diamond shapes made of tiny Siam Swarovski® crystals surrounded by Black Onyx fans and teardrops. Thor is the fierce eyed god of lightening and protector of mankind. He’s the good guy. ($3150)

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Keepsake Beaded Skull Art

This is not a large whitetail deer however; he is a VERY important one. This buck is in memory of Devon Kurzhals. He was a very loved young man who was taken from this world too soon. It was my great honor to create this one-of-a-kind beaded skull artwork for this wonderful, loving family.

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Frozen In Time

Frozen In Time is a strikingly elegant whitetail buck beaded skull art piece. A perfect refined addition for sporting and hunting art collections and wildlife decor, he features a faceted diamond shaped Prism, faux Pearls and Swarovski Crystals. ($1850)

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Mysterious is an artful rustic-chic style taxidermy alternative of a whitetail buck. He features an understated neutral palette inspired by the central brown and gray agate slice. His subtle yet intricate details unfold with closer observation. Just as his name implies, Mysterious is never obvious or simplistic. ($2075)

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Whitetail Doe

This enchanting whitetail doe beaded skull is both delicate and commanding. Her elaborate design continually draws the eye into ever-unfolding details. She begins with a group of clear round glass and silver seed bead trim atop a shimmering metallic-silver undercoat.

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Blue Moon Shadow

Blue Moon Shadow is a regal Whitetail buck beaded skull mount. Sparkling tiny crystals and a dark blue metallic finish coat the hand-cut rough-face druzy agate centerpiece. In essence, Blue Moon Shadow mimics the dynamic night sky. ($2000)

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Ancient Warrior

Ancient Warrior is a whitetail deer beaded skull art piece. He features five teardrop red tiger eye stones. Gold rocaille, Czech bronze, diamond faceted, and copper seed beads all border these stones and form a central cross. Along with leather insets and an array of seed beads they portray a primal fighting spirit.

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Grand Chaos

Grand Chaos is a fun and fascinating Steampunk beaded deer skull art piece. A copper color scheme, wires, tubes and gears in addition to leather inserts further his classic mechanical Steampunk vibe. With this genre in mind he sports a movable monocle covering a glass tube “eye” connected to gears by copper wires. ($1850)

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