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Creating Lasting Bonds: Family Hunting and the Power of Trophies

A guest post by Leesa’s awesome son! Intro In a world where technology often keeps us more isolated than connected, finding genuine and profound ways to bond with family members can sometimes be challenging. Family bonding through shared experiences and adventures can lay the foundation for lasting relationships and cherished memories. Hunting, a tradition as…

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The Autumn Leaves Story

Believe it or not, some people think beaded skulls are a morbid or grotesque concept and cannot image why anyone would want such a thing in their house. However, all creation has beauty even after the life cycle ends. This Autumn Leaves story attempts to convey the perspective of the beauty and untamed elegance of beaded skulls. Enjoy!

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Beaded Memories

Spending time with family is always special. And one-on-one time with grandchildren is even better, especially when you enjoy the same things. I loved it when granddaughter, Zoe asked if she could bead something with me!

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How would they “feel”?

A while back when my Aunt Sandy Bergman saw some pictures of Blue Moon Shadow, she made a very nice comment then asked jestingly, “Wonder how he feels being decorated in jewels!” Being silly I replied, “He feels marvelous darling!” However, I later thanked my Aunt for making me truly in my heart think about…

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