Skull Art Designer Leesa Clark

Beaded Skull Art

Leesa Clark creates stunning beaded skull art as graceful home décor, taxidermy alternatives, and one-of-a-kind fine-art collector pieces.

Discover the Art of Beaded Animal Skulls

Whitetail Doe, White Beaded Skull on a fur rug.

How Does Leesa Do It? About Leesa and the Skull Art Beading Process

Leesa working on one of her beaded skull art pieces.

Leesa has beaded skulls of species from Canadian Black Bear to African Steenbok. However, living in Michigan, her primary subjects have been Whitetail Deer. Find out more about Leesa and how she takes a rough skull and brings it new life.

Unconventional Beauty: Different Styles of Deer Skull Art

Deer skull art has evolved into a unique and captivating form of artistic expression, blending the rustic charm of nature with intricate designs and techniques. This form of art is not only about celebrating the beauty of wildlife in a respectful and creative way but also about pushing the boundaries of conventional aesthetics and traditional…

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Got Questions?

Contact Leesa at Untamed Elegance to purchase any of her available original beaded skull artwork. You may also commission a custom piece such as a skull, shield or European mount of your own.