Beaded Memories

Making beaded memories with Zoe.
Leesa’s granddaughter, Zoe making
beaded memories.

Spending time with family is always special. And one-on-one time with grandchildren is even better, especially when you enjoy the same things. I recently had the pleasure of sharing some beaded memories with one of mine.

My granddaughter, Zoe Davis and I have shared coloring (the big girl kind), puzzles and sewing as well as making button jewelry and silk flower arrangements. Being creative together is fun but its even better with someone who makes you laugh, and Zoe and I do a lot of that!

Sharing Beaded Art Making

Recently she spent some time with us and was checking out my current beaded skull art project. After asking several questions about it and how I come up with my design ideas she asked if she could try beading! Hmmm…let me think, you would like to try something I am absolutely passionate about? Well…YES!!!

We set her up with her own “beading station” at my art table, picked out an array of beads and a glass rosebud vase for her to work on. I gave her a couple of tips on working with the glue and such and then just let her go with it.

Leesa and granddaughter Zoe having some laughs together.
Leesa and Zoe sharing some giggles.
Leesa and granddaughter, Zoe making beaded memories together.
Grandma and granddaughter making beaded memories together.

Admittedly, I could have made it into “lesson”, teaching her about beads, techniques, placement, blah, blah, blah. But she wasn’t asking for a lesson, she just wanted to be creative.

Over the next few days she beaded with me as well as randomly sitting down to bead while I worked on other things.

Once she announced she was finished but later changed her mind and added a bit more.

In the end it turned out super cute! High five, fist bump, thumbs up, Zoe!

Zoe and her beaded rosebud vase creation.
Zoe and her pretty rosebud vase beaded art creation.

I would be thrilled if she caught the “beading bug” from this experience. But if not, she will always have her beaded vase and we both will have the memories we made together while she created it. Obviously making beaded art is important to me, but making memories with my granddaughter means far more.

Thank you, Zoe for being the creative, entertaining and beautiful young lady that you are. And for still wanting to spend time with me, sharing, doing things and making memories together. Grandma loves you!

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