Ancient Warrior

"Ancient Warrior" Whitetail Buck Beaded Skull Mount

Ancient Warrior is a whitetail deer beaded skull art piece. He features five teardrop red tiger eye stones. Gold rocaille, Czech bronze, diamond faceted, and copper seed beads all border these stones and form a central cross. Leather insets and an array of brown and black seed beads complete a rustic-chic design. Organic round wood beads adorn his antler bases. All of these components move together in striking unison to portray a primal fighting spirit.

Humans evolved from gatherer/hunter to defender/warrior while other species, like the deer, have stayed ever true as the “pure” warrior. He was born to defend his territory, breeding rights, and stand his ground against his own species and predators, two legged or four.

Ancient Warrior is a gorgeous and thought-provoking whitetail deer beaded skull art center piece. Whether for your private mediation or for display as a conversation starter it will inspire you’re inner warrior spirit.

Ancient Warrior whitetail beaded skull art
Ancient Warrior
  • Dimensions:
    16.25″ w × 15.25″ l × 13″ h

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